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      Great Pyrenees Guardian Dog with Jacob Four-Horned Sheep

 Guardian dogs on this page do not refer to animals which protect people and homes, but to canines that protect animals (flocks, herds) from predators. It is essential to having a good guardian dog that he not be socialized by people or made a big pet. They must be field raised from their earliest days to be bonded to whatever breed they are going to guard. If you want a pet look elsewhere. They can and will protect their "people", but their primary job is to protect "their" animals. The best dog to buy is one whose parents have been guarding. Go to the breeder and see how they have been raised. I have heard it said that if you want a guardian pup out of a litter don't take the one that runs to the people. He would make the best pet. Instead, take the more reserved puppy or better yet the one that growls.                                                                          (Check this out with the breeder yourself.)

God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds.  And God saw that it was good.  Genesis 1:25

There are many breeds of guardian dogs.  If you contact them, please let them know where you found their address.  Some are:
1. Great Pyrenees - 
    Great Pyrenees Club of America 
    495 Mohawk Drive 
    Brick, NJ 08723 
2. Anatolian Shephards 

     P.O. Box 5815
     Grand Island, NE  68802

3. Tibetan Mastiffs - Mastiff Club of American 
     391 Old Northfield Road 
    Tomaston, CT 06787 

4. Kuvaz - 
    American Kuvaz Association 
    Route 1, Box 218C 
    Amherst, VA 24521 
5. Komondor - 
    Komondor Club of America 
    W 359 S10708 Nature Road 
    Eagle, WI 53119-9988 
6. Akbash

    Club ADI
    Florence Duvall, Sec.
    921 Ormsby Street
    Vista, CA 
     760-758-1702, Email

7. Sarplaninec (Shar) Yugoslavian Guardian Dogs

    Lisa Mackey
     275 Brooks Cove Road
     Candler, NC  28715

8.  Anatolian Shepherd Dog Coub of America
      P.O. Box 1271
      Alpine, CA  91903
      619/445/3334  Email

9.  United Anatolain Guardians
     14361 Maple Creek Road
     Korbel, CA  95550
     707/668-5721  Email


Anatolian Shepherd

Other dogs which might be of interest to readers of this page are working dogs. These dogs preform a particular task which greatly helps in the management of the animals. They are usually very well trained to visual or auditory commands which enable them to respond immediately to carry out the intent of the person who is directing them. They can save hours and man power. They are especially valuable on large ranches to help in herding animals.

Some breeds of interest are:
1. Australian Shepherds - 
    Autralian Shepherd Club of America, INC. 
    6091 E SH 21 
    Bryan, TX 77808-9652
2. Border Collies - 
    United States Border Collie Club 
    193 Turkey Hill Road 
    Asbury, NJ 08802 

    14933 Kirkwood Road 
    Sidney, OH 45365

    THE SHEPHERD'S DOGGE (Quarterly magazine) 
    P.O. Box 843 
    Ithaca, NY 14851

    The Ranch Dog Trainer
    3859 Oak Road
    Bartlett, TN  38135

3. Rat Terrier - 
    Rat Terrier Club of America 
    P.O. Box 4587 
    Lancaster, CA 93539

Nebolish Mastiff Multi-purpose Dogs


Spice is a wonderful multipurpose dog. She is extremely protective of her family being an excellent watchdog who does not bark excessively, but who never fails to alert us to anyone coming onto our property. When my brother visits from out of state and brings his four young children 6 years of age and under, she acclimates to them right away. They play outside and Spice keeps a watchful eye on them.

We have wanted a good multipurpose dog for our farm for years, but none of the breeds we got ever fit the bill.  (We loved them, but they just weren't good watch dogs). Spice (our Nebolish Mastiff) is the best one we have ever had.

Spice is:
1.  Alert
2.  Extremely protective of our family and discouraging of strangers (especially
     males for some reason)
3. Gentle with us (she takes treats from our hands in the most tender way ?)
4. Muscular (her acrobatic gyrations as she excitedly greets us makes us all smile)
5. Playful
6. Good with our other dog (an inside one much smaller than she)
7. A beautiful rare apricot silver brindle in color

1. Doesn't roam but stays close to our doorstep
2. Often prefers interaction with people over play with other dogs
3. Has learned tricks
4. Doesn't harm our livestock (alpacas, mini donkeys, mini goats, poultry)
5. Doesn't drool
6. Is not as large as other types of Mastiffs and is of sound conformation

We love Spice and she is a wonderful dog!, 865-475-3777. We do not raise these dogs, just love Spice. Please do an Internet search for this breed rather than calling us. They are CKC registered. Thanks!

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